Season 7
Truly Content
Truly Content
Season 7 | Episode 703 | Aired 10/09/2010

Susan is getting more web hits than any of the other ladies on, including Stacy Strauss. Who is Stacy Strauss, you ask? Well, she’s the Va-Va-Va-Broom girl who steals the sexy little move Susan makes while vacuuming. We won’t go into details. Let’s just say a nozzle is involved.

Stacy is ticked because Susan took home the monthly bonus check. Susan gets revenge by sabotaging Stacy’s vacuum cleaner. Talk about a dirty trick! Stacy barges into Susan’s place where they get into a lingerie-clad wrestling match. And, yes, the webcam catches it all.

[quote-left]Once the dust settles, Susan and Stacy make nice. After all, they’re both just trying to make a buck. Stacy figures she only has to do this a little longer before she can finally head home to Virginia. Susan is shocked to learn that Stacy’s been doing the Va-Va-Va-Broom thing for six years. This inspires her to bank that bonus check instead of blowing it on a big anniversary dinner with Mike.

You probably could have guessed that Lynette would throw a mini-hissy fit after a doctor prescribes medical marijuana to help with Tom’s depression. She doesn’t like the idea of her hubby suddenly going all Cheech & Chong on her. Lynette trashes Tom’s stash and replaces it with oregano. Fortunately, her never-been-high-before hubby doesn’t know the difference.


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