Season 7
Truly Content
Truly Content
Season 7 | Episode 703 | Aired 10/09/2010
Carlos tells Tom that the only thing getting baked with the stuff he’s been smoking is lasagna. Tom is furious with his wife for making him look like a fool. That was never her intention. She just didn’t think he needed the stuff to be happy. Tom reluctantly admits she’s right. He’s content being high on family life.

Renee tries to rope Bree into joining her on the bar scene to find some guys. But Bree seems perfectly content hanging at home with her handsome handyman. She changes her tune when she realizes that Keith has a pretty young girlfriend. Let the stud hunt begin!

The ladies hit a local club where they see a lonely young man at the end of the bar. It’s Keith! He just got dumped and is now caught in Renee’s tractor beam which leads back to her house. In a desperate/innovative move, Bree grabs hold of a golf club and starts teeing off on her lawn sprinklers. She calls Keith for an emergency repair. [quote-right]

Renee knows that Bree is the one who lured Keith out of her clutches. She says, “Nobody steals a man out of my bed.” Renee’s been looking for a new hobby ever since she arrived on Wisteria Lane. Looks like taking down Bree will have to do for now. Game on!


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