Season 7
The Thing That Counts Is What's Inside
The Thing That Counts Is What's Inside
Season 7 | Episode 704 | Aired 10/16/2010
When Renee discovers that Bree is a grandmother, she books a first class ticket for her daughter and grandson to come visit. What a great neighbor, right? Wrong. It’s all part of Renee’s evil scheme to sabotage Bree’s first date with Keith. The plan works to perfection. Now Bree plots her revenge on Renee, who makes her own dinner date with the handsome handyman.

[quote-left]Lynette says Renee has a fear of little people. They give her the heebie-jeebies. Renee sees flashes of little folks scurrying around the restaurant where she and Keith dine. An innocent young boy causes a mini freak out and a friendly little man sends Renee climbing up a bamboo wall. Renee’s screams of horror cause us to scream with laughter. The scene also brings a smile to Bree’s face, as she set the whole thing up with the help of a friend from her church.

The next day, Renee confronts Bree, who decides she no longer wishes to fight for Keith’s affections. Aww, that’s no fun. Renee realizes that Bree really likes this guy. She promises to back off and encourages her neighbor to go for what she wants. Renee has another reason for throwing in the towel. She says, “Based on my dinner under the rainbow last night, I think I’d rather have you as a friend than an enemy.” Smart woman.


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