Season 7
Let Me Entertain You
Let Me Entertain You
Season 7 | Episode 705 | Aired 10/23/2010

Remember how new housewife Renee said she didn’t want to make an enemy of Bree in The Thing That Counts Inside? Well, now we’re wondering how she’d make out in a war with Gaby. More on that later.

[quote-left]Susan has taken her saucy little online career to the next level by doing private web chats with men who want to see more than just her housecleaning skills. Fortunately, Susan can’t do it. Unfortunately, that means she’s fired. When Mike realizes $9,000 bucks is missing from their checking account, Lynette covers by saying she temporarily borrowed the cash. Susan finally tells her friend about her seedy little Internet experience.

Three seems to be a good number for Bree. After her third date with Keith, she ends up having sex with him three times. In one night! Her friends are impressed. Lynette says, “Three times was my entire September.” The marathon sex sessions continue to the point where Bree is utterly exhausted. She decides to slow down Keith by adding more chores to his daily workload.

The plan works. Keith is exhausted but still has enough in the tank to have more sex with Bree. The kid’s got game! Bree finally admits she can’t keep up. Keith admits he thinks sex is the only way he can keep her interested in him. A heart-to-heart chat makes them both see the error of their ways. They celebrate this relationship breakthrough with a good night’s sleep.


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