Season 7
Excited and Scared
Excited and Scared
Season 7 | Episode 706 | Aired 10/30/2010

It’s Halloween! That means all kinds of tricks, treats, outrageous outfits and scary situations to make your neighbors nervous. Actually, that would describe just about any day on Wisteria Lane.

Susan fesses up to Mike about her short-lived career at She also tells him Paul Young is trying to blackmail her so he can get his hands on their house. Mike wants to bash Paul’s head in with hammer. It’s a nice thought, but then the hammer would get all icky. Susan has another idea. She catches Paul in a minor lease violation which means he has 60 days to vacate the premises. Smooth, Susan. Very smooth. [quote-right]

Paul is frustrated because Beth won’t sleep with him. Hey, she won’t sleep with anyone. She’s a 30-year-old virgin! A therapist suggests they go on dates to develop some intimacy. So Paul takes Beth to a haunted house. But he’s only there to scare up a little gossip about one of the teachers in town. He asks one of the local moms if she knows what Mrs. Delfino has been doing during her after-school hours. The next day, Susan is fired.

With Susan out of work, Mike makes a call for top-paying job that would keep him in Alaska for three months. Yes, Paul’s plan to hurt Susan works but his attempt to illicit a little affection from Beth falls flat. He says he wants her gone by the end of the week.


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