Season 7
Excited and Scared
Excited and Scared
Season 7 | Episode 706 | Aired 10/30/2010
Later, Susan grabs the big club MJ was using as part of his Halloween costume and looks to take some batting practice on Paul. She stops swinging when Beth comes down the stairs aiming a gun at her. When Susan leaves, Paul finally gets one of the things he wants—a little intimacy from his wife. And Susan gets the one thing she doesn’t want, a goodbye kiss from Mike who is off to Alaska.

Bree is shocked to see that Keith’s apartment is tastefully decorated and smells of potpourri. She was expecting a bachelor pad complete with empty pizza boxes, dirty underwear and a neon beer clock. Those clocks are pretty cool. The one thing she wasn’t expecting was Keith’s roommate, Mimi. We’re thinking she’s the one who bought the potpourri.

Mimi is very cute, but also very safe. She says Keith never stops talking about Bree so she has nothing to worry about. Well, maybe she has one thing to worry about when she notices a letter from the Department of Corrections amongst his mail. Renee lets Bree know that Keith is on probation for a bar fight he was in last year in which he was defending his girlfriend’s honor.

Renee hosts a big Halloween bash. Bree looks super sexy in her cheerleader outfit. That’s probably why a guy dressed as a football player hits on her. This gets Keith all riled up. He admits he has a problem with his temper and she tells him about her past drinking. Hey, everyone has baggage. Keith says Bree has just seen him at his worst. That’s fine. Bree assures him it’s nothing she can’t handle.


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