Season 7
A Humiliating Business
A Humiliating Business
Season 7 | Episode 707 | Aired 11/06/2010
Bree is having hot flashes and not because it's warm outside. She's going through "the change." This is happening just before she's to meet Keith's parents. Timing is everything, right? With her regular gynecologist out of the office, Bree asks the sub, Dr. Mary Wagner, if there's anything she can do to put a pause in menopause, as she's having such a great time with a much younger man. Wink, wink! [quote-right]

Later, Keith introduces Bree to his loving parents. His dad is Richard Watson. We're guessing his mother kept her maiden name for professional reasons. She's a doctor. A gynecologist to be exact. Yes, Keith's mom is Dr. Mary Wagner. As you may have guessed, this leads to some extremely revealing dinner conversation. A follow-up chat about Keith's desire to have kids someday leads Bree to believe this relationship may have run its course. As for Keith, he just wants them to keep being happy together.

Renee seeks Lynette's help in starting an interior design business. In order to make this partnership work, they need to find a nanny for baby Paige. Renee says, "There's gotta be some poor schlub out there who's trustworthy and desperate for money." Speaking of Susan…

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