Season 7
Sorry Grateful
Sorry Grateful
Season 7 | Episode 708 | Aired 11/13/2010

The Solis family is hosting Thanksgiving with the Sanchez clan. Gaby promises to forgo the traditional turkey dinner for a slightly more Mexican feast. She ropes Carlos into cooking duties but forgets to pick up the pies for dessert. While on a pastry run, Gaby forces Hector to ride the shoulder to bypass a traffic jam. The police pull him over and Gaby discovers that the family is illegal.

A panicked Carmen hustles Grace into their truck. They need to run. Gaby has no idea when, or even if, they’ll see Grace again. She convinces Carmen to stay with her until they figure out a plan. Bob tells them that it’s simply too late for Hector and that Carmen will always be at risk. But Grace is safe since she was born in the U.S.A. This is has Gaby wondering about the possibilities of getting Grace for good.

[quote-left]Renee invites the Scavos over for Thanksgiving dinner. Lynette says Susan and MJ will have to be on the guest list, too. Renee reluctantly agrees. She’s not crazy about Susan. Renee says, “She’s always so perky and poor. It’s an annoying combination.” That’s the holiday spirit!

Susan is appreciative of the invitation but she’s a little uneasy about Lynette’s decision to let baby Paige cry it out when going down for a nap. Speaking of feeling uneasy, Tom gets a little flustered when he drops a pie by Renee’s place only to catch her wearing nothing but a towel. It triggers memories of their once intimate past. Renee loves that she can still make this guy blush.


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