Season 7
Down the Block There's a Riot
Down the Block There's a Riot
Season 7 | Episode 710 | Aired 12/11/2010

As the mayor’s speech begins, so does the protest. There’s just so much happening. Gaby and Carlos search for Juanita, who is hiding in the back of a fleeing Lee and Bob’s car. Renee and Susan are going at each other over the Tom situation. People are throwing fruit at the mayor. And when Keith hears what his Richard did, he decks his dad on the front lawn. This prompts some of the cons to starting beating on Keith. This forces Bree to grab her gun and fire it into the air. This sends the crowd fleeing frantically. In other words, all hell breaks loose!

Brent and his gang take their bats and smash up the halfway house. The mob attacks Bob and Lee’s car. Gaby and Carlos see Juanita in the backseat and are able to pull her to safety. Lee, however, is hit with a bottle. Lynette rushes to help, screaming for the mob to leave him alone, as he’s her neighbor. Renee and Tom look for Susan. They find her on the ground having been trampled by the mob. She’s hurt. Mrs. McCluskey, too.

It’s a truly frightening scene. The chaos is beyond disturbing for everyone except for one man. Paul Young steps into his house shortly before the police arrive and the crowd disperses. Later, Paul steps out to pick up the mayor’s award that sits in the street. He lets out a little smile. Then…BANG! The gunshot that hits Paul causes him to fall. He now lays smack dab in the middle of all the damage he caused on Wisteria Lane.

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