Season 7
Season 7 | Episode 711 | Aired 01/01/2011

When we last left Paul Young, he was lying smack dab in the middle of Wisteria Lane after getting shot. The neighbors watch as he’s loaded into an ambulance. The police detectives on the scene discover the guy has lots of enemies on the lane. That means lots of suspects. But Paul’s wife, Beth, has only one: her mama.

[quote-left]Felicia Tilman certainly has motive. After all, Paul got away with killing her sister. But she’s genuinely surprised to hear that her nemesis is in the hospital recovering from an assassination attempt. Felicia makes a call to the person she believes may have been behind the shooting: Mike Delfino.

Yes, Mike is back and Susan is thrilled. It’s just the boost she needs after learning her injuries from the riot forced doctors to remove a kidney. Susan is advised to go on dialysis, but refuses to entertain such a notion. Her attitude changes after she collapses in front of MJ. We get a little lump in our throats when Susan asks Lynette, Bree and Gaby if they’ll be there to help Mike with MJ if something bad happens to her. Of course they will be. Absolutely.


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