Season 7
Season 7 | Episode 714 | Aired 02/12/2011

Now that Paul knows that Zach is the person who shot him, he wants to track him down. Mike claims he has no idea where the kid is. It’s lie. A flashback shows us that Mike paid a visit to Zach awhile ago. The boy was scattered and rambling at the time. The fortune he inherited from his grandfather was pretty much all gone. Zach feigns indifference about the money, but he can’t hide his anger when Mike mentions Paul is out of jail.

[quote-left]Mike pays a present day visit to Zach to find the boy more strung out than before. He admits to shooting Paul. It’s obvious that Zach is hooked on drugs. There’s no way he’s going to rehab though. Mike has no choice but join forces with Paul. Together maybe they can find a way to help their son.

Susan runs into Monroe, an old high school classmate who has tried to friend her on Facebook 12 different times. Guess she never got his request. Their current live chat is cut short when Susan bursts into tears. She’s just been told it could take years before she gets a new kidney. She tells Monroe she’ll see him at the reunion. Maybe.

The rules for kidney donation change if someone is willing to donate directly. Old high school chum Monroe offers to do just that. Think Susan will accept him as a Facebook friend now? Of course, by the look on Monroe’s face as she hugs him, we’re thinking he’s always wanted to be more than just friends.


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