Season 7
Farewell Letter
Farewell Letter
Season 7 | Episode 715 | Aired 02/19/2011

Lynette and Tom decide it’s time for Preston and Porter to move out. They end up finding a place right away and it’s even nearby. In fact, their new pad is right across the street. The Scavo boys are moving in with Mrs. McCluskey. Tom says, “This is not leaving the nest. This is more like nest-adjacent.”

Lynette is horrified to learn that her boys have roped Mrs. McCluskey into doing all the things she used to do for them. Their new landlord doesn’t seem to mind one bit, so Lynette suggests that her boys have a big party to show everyone their new digs. Sounds like a plan!

The day after what was obviously a blowout bash, Mrs. McCluskey returns Preston and Porter to their mother, who apologizes for coddling them for so long. That’s over now. It’s time for them to go out and live their own lives. To help get them started, Lynette will teach them how to make her famous Denver omelet. Pass the eggs, boys. Pass the eggs.


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