Season 7
Season 7 | Episode 716 | Aired 03/05/2011

Susan wants to celebrate her anniversary with a picnic in the woods. The big day is still a few months away, but she wants to head out into the wilderness right now. Why? Well, things aren’t looking good for her kidney-wise. The doctor advises that Susan take care of any unfinished business sooner rather than later.

Susan and Mike try to make the most of their faux anniversary bash even though everything seems to be going wrong. A little lovemaking under the sun is interrupted by some gunfire from the South. And by that we mean a Civil War reenactment group happens to swing by.

With any chance of romance gone with the wind, Mike and Susan opt to head home. Too bad their car won’t start. Mike is beyond frustrated. But it’s not because of all that went wrong. He’s just not ready to say goodbye. Susan isn’t either, but she still wants to enjoy every moment of every day.


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