Season 7
Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed
Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed
Season 7 | Episode 717 | Aired 04/02/2011

Susan gets a phone call. They have a kidney for her. Woo hoo! Paul gets a phone call. His wife is on life support. Boo hoo. Talk about mixed emotions!

Beth Young shot herself in head. Her last wish was to donate a kidney to her dear friend Susan Delfino. Okay, Beth and Susan weren't really friends. That's probably why a grieving Paul tells his former neighbor that there's no way she's going to strip his wife for spare parts. Mike wants to fight this thing. The law is on their side. But that doesn't matter to Susan. She barely acknowledged Beth in life, so why should she deserve anything from her in death?

Paul swings by the prison where Felicia tells him they need to stop hurling hatred at each other. She wants Beth taken off life support so she can rest. Later, Paul lets Susan know that he's alerted the transplant office to move forward with Beth's wishes. When he breaks down in tears, Susan gives him a hug. We suspect things will only get worse for Paul once he learns Felicia Tilman is being released from prison.


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