Season 7
Moments in the Woods
Moments in the Woods
Season 7 | Episode 718 | Aired 04/16/2011

Andrew is busy working through the steps of recovery for alcohol addiction. The toughest one will be telling Carlos about that little vehicular homicide involving Mama Solis. Andrew wants to come clean, but Bree won’t let him. She fears that if Carlos finds out, they may have another homicide on their hands. Crisis averted, right? Wrong.

Bree freaks when she learns Carlos and Andrew are off on a hunting trip. They are alone in the woods with guns. Bree and Gaby brave a rainstorm to reach the cabin. They find Carlos with blood on his hands and fresh dirt on a shovel. Bree and Gaby fear the worst as they blab that Andrew killed Mama Solis. This is news to Carlos. Needless to say, he’s plenty peeved as Andrew returns after a hike.

Carlos is further angered to learn that Bree helped her son cover things up. Gaby’s silence after the fact is also troubling. Eventually, Carlos allows Andrew to tell his side of the story and forgives him. Bree pops by with muffins to thank him for his compassion, but learns Carlos does NOT forgive her. Bree is to never interact with him or his wife ever again. Oh, and she can keep the muffins.


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