Season 7
Moments in the Woods
Moments in the Woods
Season 7 | Episode 718 | Aired 04/16/2011
Susan pays a visit to old dialysis buddy Dick, who is in the hospital for a viral infection. Dick thinks Susan is on a lucky streak after getting her new kidney. He wants to take her to a casino by the airport when he gets out. Sadly, that day never comes. Dick passes away, but not before leaving Susan something to remember him by: a gambling chip.

Susan takes the hundred dollar chip to the casino. She quickly parlays it into big winnings in the poker room. Roy happens to be playing the slots nearby. He can’t understand why his neighbor is so sad after winning so big. Susan wonders why she’s so lucky while others are not. Roy believes perhaps that’s a question we shouldn’t really ask.

Tom’s new job scores him a whopping $100,000 signing bonus. He wants Lynette to go crazy with some of the loot, so she buys a new coffee machine. You go, girl! As you can imagine, Renee is appalled by Lynette’s lack of reckless spending savvy. She takes her down to a high-end boutique where Lynette learns the finer points of buying things without looking at the price. Like we said… You go, girl!


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