Season 7
Moments in the Woods
Moments in the Woods
Season 7 | Episode 718 | Aired 04/16/2011
This new free-spending Lynette surprises Tom on the private jet that’s taking him to a big meeting. His flight has been delayed because she slipped the pilot a few bucks to get lost for a half hour. Lynette makes her way down the aisle in her sexy dress ready to serve her hubby a hot lobster dinner. Too bad Tom loves his new job so much that he doesn’t have time for anything but work. Looks like Lynette will be having lobster for one.

Beth Young had a will. This explains why Felicia is living in the Wisteria Lane home that Beth’s hubby had put in her name. Things are adversarial at first, but then Felicia offers Paul an olive branch. She wants him to accompany her to the woods so they can scatter Beth’s ashes in the lake that she loved. Paul’s skeptical, but agrees to take the trip. He also opts to take a gun.

Felicia learned a few tricks while in prison. That’s why she’s able to swipe the gun without Paul noticing. It would be easy enough for Felicia to pull the trigger. Instead, she tosses the gun into the lake. Felicia hopes this will prove that she’s looking put the past behind them. She allows Paul the honors of scattering Beth’s ashes into the lake. Only it isn’t really Beth. No, Felicia kept her daughter’s ashes safely at home as part of a ruse. Hey, Paul, you may want think about fishing that handgun out of that lake.


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