Season 7
The Lies Ill-Concealed
The Lies Ill-Concealed
Season 7 | Episode 719 | Aired 04/23/2011
Meet the man of Susan’s dreams: Paul Young. You heard us. One of our favorite housewives is having erotic fantasies about the man we all love to hate. What a nightmare! The sex dreams could be a result of the six weeks of post-transplant abstinence for Susan and Mike, which is thankfully coming to an end.

As for Paul, Mike wants his wife to steer clear of the guy. That’ll be hard to do since Paul is now popping up in Susan’s shower. Yes, it’s another steamy dream. Susan wonders, “Is it common for patients to have sex dreams about the husbands of their dead donors?” Excellent question!

The doctor thinks the dreams are a result of Susan’s desire to help a despondent Paul. So she stops over to share some soup with him. When Mike catches sight of them together, he’s not a happy hubby. But that doesn’t stop him from setting up a romantic dinner for the kind, compassionate woman he loves. Thankfully, those six weeks without sex are history as of tonight.

Tom and Lynette are invited to a prominent leadership conference. There are lots of high-profile people there. The best part of this little getaway trip is the fact there aren’t any kids. Lynette is bummed to learn that she’s barred from the seminars because she’s only there as Tom’s guest. She can still do all the less-intellectual activities with Lee, who is at the conference as Bob’s “Plus-One.” Think Lynette’s going to go for that? Nah.


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