Season 7
I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday
I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday
Season 7 | Episode 720 | Aired 04/30/2011
The women of Wisteria Lane are shocked to learn that Felicia Tilman was Beth Young’s mother. What’s even more unsettling is the fact that Susan has made Paul her pet project. Felicia shows interest in this curious turn of events. She pops by Susan’s place to add a little antifreeze to the chicken pot pie she’s making for Paul, not mention all the other dishes she prepares for him.

Mike says that they finally have enough money to move back into their house, but Susan is reluctant to give Paul the boot until he’s back on his feet. That’s not happening anytime soon, as Paul is feeling the effects of Felicia’s toxic additives. He’s also feeling lousy emotionally when Susan says they can afford to move back home. Paul thinks all her goodwill was part of some calculated master plan. He tosses her out of the house. Moments later, Paul clutches his heart and collapses to the floor. Not good.

Tom offers to give Lynette and Renee a little boost in their interior design business by letting them makeover his office. Renee says, “For 20-grand we will decorate your office and whack an employee of your choosing.” She’s such a savvy businesswoman. Tom wants his office to mirror the one belonging to Donald Trump. Lynette has other ideas. After all, she knows what her hubby likes, right?


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