Season 7
Then I Really Got Scared
Then I Really Got Scared
Season 7 | Episode 721 | Aired 05/07/2011
When we last left Paul Young, he was sprawled out on the floor clutching his chest. A hospital doc says it was probably just stress. Either that or someone’s trying to poison him. This has Paul thinking nice neighbor Susan has been adding more than just spices to all those meals she’s been making for him lately. Lab tests prove that the food he’s been eating was, indeed, killing him slowly.

In an attempt to get her job back at the school, Susan offers to help out with the upcoming open house. She’s put in charge of streamers. The snooty mom in charge warns her not to confuse them with tassels. In other news, Felicia secretly adds antifreeze to the latest batch of cookies Susan makes for Paul. But when snooty mom sees the sweet treats, she snags them to serve at the open house. Uh oh.

Paul confronts Susan about all the lethal meals she’s been giving him. Obviously, she has no idea what he’s talking about. Then Susan realizes Felicia’s been providing the antifreeze additives. She beelines over to the open house. Susan has no choice but to announce to the crowd that her cookies are poison. Moments later, Paul arrives. The police are with him to arrest the woman he believes has been trying to kill him.


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