Season 7
Then I Really Got Scared
Then I Really Got Scared
Season 7 | Episode 721 | Aired 05/07/2011
Tom books a surprise vacation package to Hawaii. Everyone is ecstatic. Well, everyone but Lynette. She’s been planning the family vacations for the past 16 years. This year’s camping trip was supposed to include a visit with her sister. Lynette challenges Tom to a battle of the vacations. Whoever convinces the kids that their trip is best, that’s the one they’ll take.

Lynette’s presentation boasts a cool trip to the Grand Canyon and thrilling ride on a rockin’ roller coaster. Tom’s Hawaiian presentation is also impressive until Lynette mentions all the great white sharks that infest those tropical waters. If the sharks don’t get them, the helicopter crash they’ll surely to encounter will.

When the kids scoot away to make their decision, Tom and Lynette rip into each other with a nasty war of words. It’s a pretty ugly scene that is witnessed in its entirety by a sobbing Penny. She thinks her parents are headed for divorce. Lynette and Tom agree that they need some alone time. They’ll do it this weekend. Tom just needs to check with work first. You know, this is not the Tom Scavo we used to know and love. It looks like Lynette’s starting to feel the same way.


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