Season 7
Then I Really Got Scared
Then I Really Got Scared
Season 7 | Episode 721 | Aired 05/07/2011
Renee does a background check on Detective Chuck Vance after Bree makes a dinner date with him. The big news is that he’s “technically” married. The guy filed for divorce awhile ago, it just hasn’t gone through yet. Vance also checked up on Bree. Her police record made for interesting reading. Neither dater is thrilled to learn about the background checks.

The night is not going well, so Vance picks up a hooker. Fear not. He’s just giving her a ride to a shelter. Vance tries to convince the girl that she can still turn things around. If Bree made something of herself after all those years of turning tricks, she can, too. Bree is initially appalled by the lie, but plays along once she sees it’s having an effect on the hooker. As for Vance, Bree is now willing to give their first date a second shot.

For some reason, Carlos doesn’t want Juanita watching a horror flick called “Bloody Stranger II.” And it’s not because she never saw “Bloody Stranger I.” It’s because she’s having nightmares. To show Juanita she has nothing to fear, Gaby makes them sleep outside in a tent. Lee spooks the mother-daughter campers, but it’s only to prove that just because something seems scary, that doesn’t mean it IS scary. But when an unidentified figure later hovers around Wisteria Lane, we’re not so sure Lee was right.

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