Season 7
And Lots of Security ...; Come on Over for Dinner
And Lots of Security ...; Come on Over for Dinner
Season 7 | Episode 722 | Aired 05/14/2011

Desperate Housewives – “And Lots of Security…

Susan is the prime suspect in the attempted poisoning of Paul Young. She’s also the baker of all those lethal cookies she dropped off at the school. Susan points the finger at Felicia Tilman. Makes sense, as she’s the real psycho here. When Mike and Paul go to confront Felicia, all signs indicate that she’s skipped town. Thankfully, this means Susan has been cleared of all charges. It also means Paul is leaving Wisteria Lane.

With their tenant moving out, Susan and Mike are free to move back home. Paul clears out the house, but gets whacked on the back of the head before he can skedaddle. As you may have guessed, Felicia is the mystery whacker. She ties up Paul in order to proceed with her plan of slowly poisoning him with an IV mix.

Felicia manages to videotape Paul confessing to the murder of her sister. When the police find his body, they’ll also find the tape. Her plan didn’t involve Susan popping by while she’s still there. Susan calls the police, but Felicia attacks her before they arrive. A struggle ensues and Felicia escapes. Paul admits to Susan that he killed Martha all those years ago. He makes the same statement to the police.


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