Season 8
Secrets That I Never Want to Know
Secrets That I Never Want to Know
Season 8 | Episode 801 | Aired 09/24/2011

As Mary Alice Young tells us in one of her always-informative voiceovers, only the best of friends will stay after a party is over to help clean up the mess. In some cases, the mess may just be a dead body. The housewives and Carlos carry the corpse of Gaby's evil stepfather into the woods where they dig a grave. It's a tense time for all involved, but everyone agrees to bury the body, and their secret, forever. Sounds like a plan, right?

Carlos has been a bit on edge ever since, well, he killed a guy. He wants to talk to Father Dugan, but ends up in the confessional with a much younger priest who is desperate to hear some juicy secrets. Carlos doesn't want to chat with this guy, but Gaby does confess to making out with a couple of chicks in college. That should satisfy the good father's thirst for gossip for awhile.

Gaby kidnaps Father Dugan before he catches a flight to go dig wells for lepers in Rwanda because, well, what she needs him for is important. But Carlos knows he can't confess his sins without hurting others. Gaby tells him that she's spent her life in fear of her stepfather. Now she's not afraid anymore. Her hubby may have taken a life, but in doing so he also saved one. Carlos wants absolution. He gets it from his wife.

Detective Chuck Vance thinks Bree's friends don't like him. He feels everything changed the night of the dinner party. Hey, the guy has good instincts! He just cracked a case by tracking down a dead man's car. This sends Bree and Gaby hunting for Alejandro's car. Since neither of them can really drive a stick, they don't get very far before the police pull them over. Fortunately (or unfortunately), Chuck is the cop who makes the traffic stop.


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