Season 8
Secrets That I Never Want to Know
Secrets That I Never Want to Know
Season 8 | Episode 801 | Aired 09/24/2011

Bree and Gaby weave a series of lies to cover themselves as Chuck drives a car that is filled with Alejandro's keepsakes. Eventually, they need to pull over so Gaby can yack up the chewing tobacco she'd been chomping on as part of the ruse. Bree is overjoyed when a carjacker pops by to swipe the incriminating vehicle. She tells the gun-wielding thief to buckle up before he speeds away. She's such a conscientious citizen.

There's a handsome new neighbor on the lane. His name is Ben Faulkner (Charles Mesure). Renee quickly calls dibs on the single guy with the cool blue sports car in the driveway. She's not one for small talk. No, Renee would much rather skip right to the sex. Unfortunately, new neighbor Ben just isn't interested. Go figure.

Tom sneaks in early every morning so the kids don't know he and Lynette are separated. It's not ideal, especially since Lynette's been having lots of nightmares lately. She rushes across the street to tell Tom she needs him and the two of them spend the night together. The next morning, Lynette tells Tom that what happened hasn't changed anything. At this point, they both realize that giving the kids the scoop on their current situation can't wait any longer.


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