Season 8
Secrets That I Never Want to Know
Secrets That I Never Want to Know
Season 8 | Episode 801 | Aired 09/24/2011

Susan's guilt over that whole "accessory to murder" thing has her avoiding all the girls on the lane. Her one solace is the fact that she gets to substitute teach for a day. Unfortunately, the class hamster keels over on her watch. Susan must hold a funeral for the little furball where she must dig a shallow grave. This causes her to completely fall apart. It's understandable. Cupcake the hamster was beloved by all.

Susan wants to tell Mike what's happened. As you can imagine, this idea doesn't go over well with the other ladies. Gaby hops atop Susan's back to stop her from going to her hubby. Lynette also gets in the action. SPLASH! The three of them end of in the pool just as Mike, Carlos and Chuck swing by. Then Bree dives in to help with the cover story that they were looking for Susan's earring.

Later, the four soggy housewives have a heart-to-heart. They agree to keep the secret so that nobody else can be implicated. No one can ever know. But it appears somebody already does. Bree finds a note in her mailbox. It reads: "I know what you did. It makes me sick. I'm going to tell." Sound familiar?


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