Season 8
Making the Connection
Making the Connection
Season 8 | Episode 802 | Aired 10/01/2011

"I know what you did. It makes me sick. I'm going to tell." If you remember, these are the words Bree found on a note that was left in her mailbox. If you remember, these are the same words Mary Alice Young found on a similar menacing message in her mailbox shortly before she decided to kill herself.

Bree visits Paul Young in prison to confront him about the note. The problem is he's not the mystery author who sent it. The two of them rattle off a list of people who knew about the original letter Mary Alice received. Paul is surprised to learn that Bree hasn't mentioned this new note to her friends. He believes that if Mary Alice had confided in them when she got her note, things may have turned out a whole different way.

New neighbor Ben Faulkner is impressed when Mike fixes his busted pipe at no charge. The first guy he called tried to rip him off big time. That's probably why Ben offers the trustworthy Mike a job on a real estate venture he has brewing. A background check reveals Mike's past time in jail. He thinks it cost him the job. But Ben knows the details behind the crime and assures Mike that he could still use a guy like him.


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