Season 8
Making the Connection
Making the Connection
Season 8 | Episode 802 | Aired 10/01/2011

Renee buddies up to Mrs. McCluskey when she discovers new neighbor Ben has a soft spot for the elderly. The plan seems to work when a dinner date is made. Unfortunately for Renee, she's not the one dining. No, she's asked to serve meals to the elderly. Renee realizes Ben was mocking her. The two of them eventually have a heart-to-heart to discover that they both have survived rough patches in life. Well, what do you know? Turns out they actually do have something in common.

Lynette is upset because the kids are having such a great time whenever they are with Tom. That's because he never says no to their requests. When Parker gets invited to what will likely be a wild party, neither of his folks want to play bad cop. So, he makes his way over to the rager and gets really drunk. After Tom and Lynette hose the vomit off their intoxicated son, they realize they can't compete to win the affections of their kids anymore.

It's been 38 days since Gaby has had sex. Her unenviable streak isn't ending anytime soon since Carlos is having performance issues. Gaby wants to learn pole dancing in order to spice up their sex life. She doesn't have time to learn all the gravity-defying moves her scantily-clad teacher provides, so she hires the professional stripper to help rev up her hubby's engine before she hops into the driver's seat. The seduction plan fails magnificently, as Carlos simply can't pretend everything is okay.


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