Season 8
Making the Connection
Making the Connection
Season 8 | Episode 802 | Aired 10/01/2011

After Susan accidently leaves the grocery store without paying for some soda, she demands the store's eager young security guard drag her inside in handcuffs. It's her way of dealing with the guilt of that little homicide secret she's been keeping. In fact, Susan goes great lengths to do things that will get her punished. She even goes so far as to push over a cop's motorcycle. The one friend she can call to bail her out of jail is Carlos, as he seems to be the only other person having a truly difficult time dealing with the guilt of their secret.

Bree shows Gaby the note. She believes they should keep this info just between them. She also advises Bree to break up with Chuck. It's just too risky having a cop as a constant part of their lives. It looks as though the handsome Detective Vance is headed for dumpsville until Bree gets a call from Paul Young.

Paul says he mentioned Mary Alice's note to the police when he confessed to the murder of Martha Huber. The name of the main detective was a tall guy with a short name. If you're guessing that name is Chuck Vance, then give yourself a gold star. Guess there's no way Bree can break up with the guy now.


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