Season 8
Watch While I Revise the World
Watch While I Revise the World
Season 8 | Episode 803 | Aired 10/08/2011

Lynette tracks down Rashi at a meditation retreat. She explains that the Lydia he witnessed only emerges when the two of them are together. Rashi, who is really Herbert Brickmeyer of Long Island, says the scene he witnessed reminds him of the insanity of his own family. The two have a heart-to-heart and Rashi takes Lydia back. As for Lynette, she wonders if she can possibly change like her sis did.

Renee agrees to help Lee's daughter, Jenny, shop for a bra. The two of them bond during their trip to the mall. This has Lee feeling like he's been left out in the cold. Renee has even been helping Jenny with her math homework by explaining how fractions can help you divvy up a divorce settlement. Who says she doesn't have motherly instincts?

Lee has a bit of a blow up after Jenny starts spending all her time with Renee. It's like she has a mother now. Lee is crushed to hear his daughter use the "M" word. He worries that he and Bob aren't enough. Renee dismisses that notion. Jenny went from being bounced around foster homes to getting two great parents who love her. What else could a girl want?


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