Season 8
School of Hard Knocks
School of Hard Knocks
Season 8 | Episode 804 | Aired 10/15/2011

Tom's been whitening his teeth and getting into shape. This has Lynette suspecting he may be dating someone. She presents Penny with a brand new iPad that comes complete with a camera. This way she can get a look inside Tom's new place during video chats. The plan works and Lynette catches a glimpse of Chloe, her hubby's bikini-clad neighbor. She gets pretty darn chummy with Tom by the pool. Uh oh.

Lynette signs up for Chloe's aerobics class to size up the completion. She brings Renee along on this covert workout mission. As it turns out, Chloe is also a lingerie model. Lynette believes Tom could never get serious about a woman like her. But when her hubby shows up, Lynette learns that he's not dating Chloe. He's seeing her mom, Jane (guest star Andrea Parker), who happens to be a nice lady she chatted with during the class. Now this is a woman Tom could really go for. Needless to say, this was a rough workout for Lynette.

Gaby gets into a dispute with Dana, the PTA prez, when she shoos Juanita out of the car in an unauthorized school zone. Her drop-off placard has been revoked. Gaby has been banished to parking in the distant B Lot. She rallies a few of the other placard-less moms to take down Dana at the next PTA meeting. That doesn't happen. All Gaby does is rile up Dana even more. Now she must park in the C Lot.

Gaby doesn't take to C Lot life. She steers her placard-less car toward the carpool lane. Dana calls upon her charges to set up cones to stop the Solis-mobile, but Gaby drives right over them. Then she drives right over Dana. Oops! Now that she's laid up in the hospital, Dana must appoint a replacement PTA president. She chooses Gaby. Apparently, Dana had a life before she took the job. This promotion is her ultimate revenge. On the bright side, Gaby won't have to park in C Lot anymore.


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