Season 8
School of Hard Knocks
School of Hard Knocks
Season 8 | Episode 804 | Aired 10/15/2011

Bree's daughter, Danielle, moves in after her husband leaves her. She's looking to start her own business by selling some exercise equipment she designed. All she needs is some seed money—like, say, $5,000. Bree will pony up $500 and she can work out of her test kitchen. All is well until Renee informs Bree that the equipment her daughter is selling is a sex swing. Wonder how she knew that.

Danielle comes home to find her mom taking her entrepreneurial device for a test drive. Don't worry. Bree is fully clothed and flying solo. She's also furious. A heated exchange sends Danielle storming off. Bree probably would have chased after her if she wasn't dangling from the ceiling while still stuck in the sex swing.

Bree admits to her daughter that she has no right to be so critical. After all, her slate isn't exactly a clean one. She asks Danielle to forgive her. To prove that her apology is sincere, Bree will invest in Danielle's business. She'll be a silent partner—a silent, invisible and completely untraceable partner who supports her from far, far away. That'll work!


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