Season 8
The Art of Making Art
The Art of Making Art
Season 8 | Episode 805 | Aired 10/22/2011

Gaby is 45 minutes late for her first meeting as the new president of the PTA. Apparently there was an issue during her hot stone massage. By the time Gaby arrives, none of the other ladies are willing to stick around to help plan Teacher Appreciation Night. Gaby believes the ladies are upset because they are jealous of her charmed life. So she treats them all to a spa day. Woo hoo!

The PTA ladies take full advantage of the free makeover, but they're not about to help Gaby set up for the big event. At home, Carlos is still dealing with some serious dead guy angst. He's been hitting the bottle more than usual lately. When Gaby calls for help at the school, Carlos stumbles in drunk. He can barely walk. The other PTA ladies soon realize Gaby's life isn't so charmed. They offer to take care of things at the school while Gaby takes care of her husband.


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