Season 8
Witch's Lament
Witch's Lament
Season 8 | Episode 806 | Aired 10/29/2011

Susan's multiple attempts to get her perpetually angry art teacher to like her aren't working. Then again…maybe they are. The great Andre Zeller chooses Susan to be his intern. It a great honor. Well, not really. Andre only gives Susan the gig so she can babysit his son, Jasper, for the weekend while he works on a painting. The man has no soul.

When Susan learns that Jasper doesn't celebrate Halloween, she cons Andre into going trick-or-treating with them. Well, it's more of a blackmail scheme than a con. Susan hid her testy teacher's painting so he'd be forced to join them. Things don't go well. Andre just isn't a nice guy. Susan fesses up the location of his painting so he can go back to work. She'll take care of Jasper since Andre could care less about the boy.

Susan's little lecture to Andre actually sinks in. The guy promises to try to be a better dad. Andre explains that true artists are consumed by their work. It forces them to block out all other parts of their life, like friends and family. Susan says she would never let something like that happen to her. Andre reveals that she may not have a choice about that one.


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