Season 8
Always in Control
Always in Control
Season 8 | Episode 807 | Aired 11/05/2011

Three of our favorite Wisteria Lane ladies are wondering who could have possibly dug up that dead body they buried in the woods. The answer is obvious. It must have been Susan! Bree is just about to confront her friend about this when she learns Ben has shut down the construction project. Whew!

Bree beelines over to Ben's site. She learns that his team found a body, but he's yet to call the police. He'll lose a lot of money if his property becomes a crime scene. Bree wonders if he's tempted to make the body just disappear. She even offers a few helpful suggestions on how to do it. She's such a good neighbor.

Bree scurries off to the woods where Ben catches her kneeling by the open grave. She fesses up about the body in the hopes that Ben will make everything go away. That's not gonna happen. Things go from bad to worse for Bree when Detective Chuck Vance comes by to question her about his latest missing persons case.

Chuck is doing his best to intimidate Bree until Ben steps in to tell the nasty detective to take a hike. He also tells Bree that she doesn't have to worry about the body. He'll take care of it. Actually, he'll be asking Mike to take care of it for him. More on that later.


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