Season 8
Suspicion Song
Suspicion Song
Season 8 | Episode 808 | Aired 11/12/2011

Bree calls the police when she hears a strange noise in her house at night. She comes downstairs to discover that the police are already there. Unfortunately, the cop standing before her is Detective Chuck Vance. The guy is still doing his best to intimidate Bree, as he believes she's protecting a friend. That much is true. As we all know, Bree would do anything for her friends. More on that later.

Carlos is still drinking up a storm. Gaby convinces him to stay home from work while she takes care of things at the office. One of the company's biggest clients, Frank Sweeney, isn't happy. Gaby goes into full flirting mode to try to placate the guy. But Mr. Sweeney is more impressed with Geoffrey, the Senior Account Manager. After the client leaves, Gaby confides in Geoffrey about her hubby's drinking. Geoffrey promises to cover the office while Gaby takes care of things at home.

Carlos informs Gaby that Geoffrey is a backstabbing snake who is trying to steal the company's clients. She burst into the office to confront snake boy, who promptly blabs about her hubby's drinking problem in front of Mr. Sweeney. The client wants to see Carlos right away, but not for the reason you might think. Sweeney is a recovering alcoholic who wants Carlos to go into rehab before he loses everything. His words seem to get through, as Carlos later dumps a bottle of booze down the drain.


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