Season 8
Suspicion Song
Suspicion Song
Season 8 | Episode 808 | Aired 11/12/2011

While meeting with a client, Lynette remembers that it's her wedding anniversary. She and Tom have been married for 22 years. When the client learns about Lynette's woes, she tells her about how she made some changes when her own marriage was on the rocks. Later, some flowers are delivered with a note that reads "Love always, Tom." Woo hoo!

This latest development inspires Lynette to sport a brand new hairdo and sneak into her hubby's apartment to leave a bottle of scotch on his nightstand. Unfortunately, Tom doesn't come home alone. Jane is with him. Lynette hides under the bed, but springs back up once things look like they are about to get hot and heavy. Awkward!

Tom has had standing order with a florist to send flowers to Lynette on their anniversary. He apologizes for the mistake and promises it will never happen again. You can see the sadness in Lynette's face when she hears him say this. Before she leaves, Tom remarks that he likes her hair. But Lynette still can't shake her sadness. She later removes her wedding ring which now has us feeling very sad, too.


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