Season 8
What's to Discuss, Old Friend
What's to Discuss, Old Friend
Season 8 | Episode 810 | Aired 01/07/2012

The situation looks dire as Bree writes out her suicide note on embossed stationery, of course. There's knock on the door just before she pulls the trigger of her gun. It's Renee. She thinks Bree is there with Ben, so she kicks in the door. Renee quickly realizes the real issue at hand when she sees the loaded gun on the table. This spurs her to move in with Bree and remove any household items that could be used to commit suicide. She also gets rid of Bree's shower curtain, but only because it was ugly.

NEWSFLASH! Fairview police detective Chuck Vance is dead. The housewives think they are in the clear until they begin wondering if someone killed him on purpose. Gaby lies to say Carlos couldn't have done it because he's still in rehab. He's not. Gaby snoops around the police station. They don't know much, but they do know Chuck's death was no accident.

Carlos has no recollection about what happened after he left rehab. A cop at Chuck's funeral says Carlos came into the station in a drunken stupor babbling about beating someone with a candlestick. Gaby helps him get out of this sticky situation. Later, she tells him she loves him. Gaby also warns that if he ever goes to the police without checking with her first, she'll be burying another body in the woods.


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