Season 8
What's to Discuss, Old Friend
What's to Discuss, Old Friend
Season 8 | Episode 810 | Aired 01/07/2012

Susan can't figure out why she's still so depressed about the entire Alejandro situation. She eventually realizes it's because he got a phone call as they were putting his body into the ground. That means he has a family who has no idea what's happened to him. That's why she needs to go to Oklahoma City to see if they are okay.

Tom is still fuming about the fact that Lynette is a co-conspirator to murder. He promises to get her out of this mess. He spills the news to Bob just in case they need an attorney. This was before he knew Chuck was dead. Guess they won't need Bob after all. He's still going to bill them for the hour though. As for Lynette, she's so grateful to Tom for staying by her side. She invites him over for movie night with the kids.

It's nice to have so many members of the Scavo family in one place. But Lynette gets a little upset when Tom brings home pizza. After 23 years of saying she likes thin crust, she'd hoped it would finally occur to him to get it. Things like that make her feel like she doesn't matter. Tom then apologizes for comparing Lynette to Jane, who is waiting for him in Paris. Lynette suggests he go to her, but Tom would like to stay to watch the movie first.


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