Season 8
Who Can Say What's True?
Season 8 | Episode 811 | Aired 01/14/2012

Bree shows Gaby and Lynette the letter she received in her mailbox with the words "you're welcome" written inside. They still have no idea who could have possibly sent the note. Bree leaves in a huff when her friends wonder why she's the only one receiving these messages. She has no idea someone is watching her from a car across the street.

Susan finally arrives at Alejandro's house, but she has no idea how to actually get inside. As luck would have it, a realtor arrives to escort her in for an open house. She meets Alejandro's wife, Claudia, who is having serious money problems. Susan feels sorry for the woman, so she cuts her a big check for some Legos that belonged to Claudia's daughter, Marisa. Hey, they're collectibles!

Susan notices the uneasy look on Marisa's face at the mention of her stepfather. Out of Claudia's earshot, she promises Marisa that this bad man will never hurt her again. Later, Marisa tells her mom what Susan said. Claudia wonders how this stranger could possibly know such a thing about her husband. It's a good thing she has Susan's name and address on that check should she ever want to find out.


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