Season 8
Who Can Say What's True?
Season 8 | Episode 811 | Aired 01/14/2012

Lynette later admits to her kids that she would have asked Tom how to do all this stuff if she'd known that he would "really" leave her. Lynette and Gaby make nice when they realize they are both on their own at the moment. Well, that's not exactly true. They still have each other. They also really miss the men they married.

Renee tries to get Bree to ditch her repressed ways by taking her out to a dive bar. Things are pretty rocky until Bree meets Bradley, a nice guy who snuck away from his high school reunion. After lots of wine, Bree goes skinny dipping with Bradley at his lavish home. Actually, the lavish home belongs to Bradley's boss. Bree learns this the hard way when the guy comes home unexpectedly.

Bree complains about her disastrous night with Bradley. Renee doesn't think the story is all that bad. In fact, she believes that her friend had a blast. Bree admits that it was actually quite exhilarating. She heads out to that same dive bar and picks up another guy in record time. Again, she has no idea that someone is still watching her from a car across the street.


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