Season 8
What's the Good of Being Good
What's the Good of Being Good
Season 8 | Episode 812 | Aired 01/21/2012

Lynette is ready to get back into the dating scene. She wants Gaby and Renee to set her up with someone. That may not be an easy thing to do since their friend is just so "feisty." Renee reluctantly helps orchestrate a date for Lynette with her hair stylist, Frank. The dinner conversation takes a bad turn when Lynette starts working out a five-year plan for Frank's career on a cocktail napkin. Like we said, she's feisty!

Frank exacts revenge on Renee for her role in his disastrous dinner date by giving her a super-frizzy hairdo. She looks like an extra from Foxy Brown. Lynette is unapologetic for trying to help a man advance his career. The problem is that the guy never asked for her help.

Renee covers up her new do for her big date with Ben where he actually gives her an engagement ring. She accepts and admits that she never thought she could trust someone again after her first marriage. Ben gets a first class of the guilts. He fesses up that he only wanted to marry her because of his current financial woes. Ben says he does love her, but there's really no way for Renee to know that now.

Lynette realizes she needs to make some changes. Renee suggests yoga since it helped her quit smoking in college. Maybe there's room for two on that yoga mat, as Renee could use something to take her mind off her recent breakup. As for Ben, he ends up taking money from that loan shark Mike ticked off awhile back. The hooligan warns about not missing a payment. He also makes an unsettling veiled threat regarding Renee.


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