Season 8
What's the Good of Being Good
What's the Good of Being Good
Season 8 | Episode 812 | Aired 01/21/2012

Alejandro's current wife, Claudia, shows up on Wisteria Lane looking for her husband. She believes Susan is having an affair with him. That's why she posts fliers all over the neighborhood calling Susan a home-wrecker. Actually, she calls her a somewhat more R-rated name, but that's neither here nor there.

Susan reveals to Gaby that she wasn't Alejandro's only victim. Claudia's daughter, Marisa, was also molested. Gaby tries to tell Claudia the truth about the monster she married, but nothing gets through. Outside, Susan tells Marisa that keeping this secret only makes things worse. Claudia didn't want to believe Gaby, but knows it's the truth when she hears the story from her daughter.

Claudia thanks Gaby for letting her know the truth about her husband. Alejandro will never hurt Marisa again. Claudia is sure of this once she sees the blood stain on the rug Gaby was having pulled up during a renovation. She really should get rid of that thing sooner rather than later.


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