Season 8
Is This What You Call Love?
Is This What You Call Love?
Season 8 | Episode 813 | Aired 02/11/2012

Lynette scores a second date with Frank even though the first one was a total disaster. She invites him home for dessert not realizing that's actually date-speak for sex. This little faux pas leads Lynette to lure Frank up to her bedroom at the start of their next date. We later learn that Lynette started crying right in the middle of things. That's because she finally realized that her marriage is over.

Lynette tells Renee that Frank was very understanding. He said all the right things before he left, but she doubts she'll ever see him again. DING DONG! Someone's at the door. It's Frank. He comes bearing pizza. Frank figures the pop-in date takes away the pressure that goes with formal plans. He's also willing to take things slow. Lynette has other ideas. They'll get the pizza at some point, but they decide to have dessert first.

Juanita is bummed when she doesn't get a Valentine's card from a boy she likes, so Gaby creates a fake one from him. This inspires Juanita to plant an unwanted kiss on her clueless sweetheart. A short time later, Gaby is called to the principal's office to be lectured on the school's zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment.

Gaby fesses up about the fake Valentine. Juanita is understandably upset because she thinks her mom always lies to her. A prime example of this is the fact that she doesn't even know where her father is. Gaby realizes that Juanita isn't a little girl she can easily fool anymore. After the two of them have a little chat, Gaby brings her daughter to the rehab facility to visit her dad.


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