Season 8
Is This What You Call Love?
Is This What You Call Love?
Season 8 | Episode 813 | Aired 02/11/2012

Julie's back! Susan's long list of mother-daughter activities for the two of them gets ditched the moment she sees that Julie is six months pregnant. The baby's father is a non-factor. That's just one of the reasons Julie has decided to give the baby up for adoption. The prospective new parents want to meet her mom to learn more about her background. Susan agrees to the meeting even though Julie's decision is breaking her heart.

The folks who want to raise Julie's baby are perfect. Susan is incredibly supportive until Julie is out of earshot. Then she starts telling tales of how her daughter has a history of mental illness to go along with all the times she was in jail. Susan blames herself partially since she liked to drink lots of wine while she was pregnant. This onslaught of bogus info sends the prospective parents heading for the hills.

Julie is furious. She goes on a nasty rant as to how much of her childhood was spent taking care of her mom. Susan is devastated. Mike makes Julie realize that everything she ever did was done for love. Mother and daughter have a heart-to-heart, but Julie still wants to stick with her decision to give up her baby. It's going to be a girl, by the way.


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