Season 8
Get Out of My Life
Get Out of My Life
Season 8 | Episode 814 | Aired 02/18/2012

Lynette's surprise at seeing Preston and Porter pull into the driveway turns into a full panic attack once she realizes they have luggage with them. The boys were evicted from their apartment. They need a place to stay. Lynette tries to lock the doors, but the twins deftly play the "children of divorce" card to finally gain access to their new/old home. Later, they overhear Susan telling their mom about Julie's pregnancy.

Susan hears Julie making plans to meet the father of her baby at a coffee shop. She does a stakeout to learn that her baby's baby daddy is Porter Scavo! Susan is horrified until she realizes that he wants to keep the baby. If Julie doesn't want the kid, he'll raise her by himself. Susan offers Porter her full support. The first thing he'll need her to do is break the news to his mom.

Lynette takes the baby news in stride. Wait, no she doesn't. She completely freaks, especially when she learns Porter intends to raise the baby solo. Lynette tries to make her son understand that he's not ready to be a father. Porter doesn't disagree. But he vows to do whatever it takes for his daughter. He says, "She's not even born yet and I can't believe how much I'm dying to see her." In other words, he loves her. He really, really loves her.


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