Season 8
Get Out of My Life
Get Out of My Life
Season 8 | Episode 814 | Aired 02/18/2012

Gaby catches sight of a depressed Roy sitting on a bench at the park. Karen kicked him out. Gaby can only ignore his hints for a place to stay for so long. Roy would have asked Bree, but there's no room now that Orson has moved in. This is news to Gaby. She heads over to get the scoop, but Orson steers them away. As for the Roy situation, Gaby is pleasantly surprised at how well her new houseguest keeps Juanita and Celia in line.

In an effort to keep Roy around, Gaby sabotages his plans to beg for forgiveness from Karen (who also wants to make peace). Roy's depression grows. He thought he'd finally found the one who will be there to hold hands with him at the end. Karen is also sad. Her cancer has returned and metastasized to the brain. She's somewhat relieved that Roy is out of the picture. He had to watch his first wife get sick and die, so she feels it's for the best that he doesn't have to go through it again.

BOOM! An explosion at the construction site almost kills Mike, who is shocked to learn that Ben is the one who caused the blast. He was trying to blow up some equipment to collect insurance money to pay off the loan shark. Things go from bad to worse for Ben when he's admitted to the hospital with chest pains.


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