Season 8
Get Out of My Life
Get Out of My Life
Season 8 | Episode 814 | Aired 02/18/2012

Mike brings Renee up to speed on how dire things have become with the loan shark. She heads down to the hospital to offer help, but Ben refuses to take her money. He wants to get out of this situation on his own so that he can propose again honorably. Renee pays off the loan shark without Ben's knowledge, but we get the sense the situation with this creepy lowlife is not over.

Bree tells Orson about the incident with Alejandro. She's amazed that he still believes in her. Bree's also considering Orson's suggestion to move to a coastal cabin up in Maine. He leads her to believe her friends have truly abandoned her, though he's the one who has been keeping them at bay through deception.

Speaking of deception, Orson has become a master of it. Once he learned how to drive, he made some changes in his life. Flashbacks show him watching Bree from afar. He was there the night she and her friends transported Alejandro's body to the woods. We learn that Orson is the one who has been leaving those mysterious notes in Bree's mailbox as part of his master plan. Guess we'll soon see how the rest of it plays out.


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