Season 8
She Needs Me
Season 8 | Episode 815 | Aired 03/03/2012

Orson continues with his plan to lure Bree away from Wisteria Lane forever. He tells lots of lies about her friends. Bree falls for every word. She insists on stopping at Orson's place before they hit the road to pick up a sentimental hat. This has her travel companion squirming in the passenger's seat since his place is filled with evidence that he's been secretly stalking her.

Orson tricks Bree into heading down to his apartment manager's office to get the spare key. It buys him enough time to ditch all the photos he had on display. Well, almost all of them. Bree catches sight of a snapshot taken the night they ditched Alejandro's body. She now knows that Orson is the one who was sending the notes. He's also the mystery driver who ran down Chuck.

Orson says that everything he did was for Bree, who thinks he's insane. She never wants to see him again. A short time later, Bree receives a phone call from Orson. He claims that it'll be the last she hears from him. Orson leads her to believe that he may be considering suicide. That's not it at all. No, Orson knows a future with Bree is gone. That's why he's mailing an envelope to the Homicide Division of the Fairview Police Department. Whatever's inside is more than likely bad news for our favorite housewives.


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