Season 8
You Take for Granted
You Take for Granted
Season 8 | Episode 816 | Aired 03/10/2012

Lynette tells Tom that their separation was supposed to be a trial to see if they were happy apart. She's crushed to learn that he is. Jane stops by to apologize for spilling the news about the move-in. The conversation ends abruptly when she starts to choke on a cheese puff. Lynette gives her the Heimlich maneuver, though not right away. We're not saying she wanted Jane choke to death, but we are saying she may have thought about it.

The time Carlos spent in rehab has him thinking about the things that are important in life. He not thrilled to be heading back to work. Gaby advises him to shake things up at the office. So, Carlos starts giving away money to the families who have been hurt by some have his past business. Gaby puts a stop to this for fear of how it will impair her own family.

Carlos admits that he wants to do something more meaningful with his life. He's considering leaving his current job to become a counselor. As you can imagine, Gaby isn't thrilled with this newsflash. Their argument is put on hold once they realize Juanita has crawled onto a roof ledge while looking for her new cat. After a few harrowing moments, Carlos pulls her inside to safety. This scary incident has made Carlos even more adamant about making some altruistic changes.


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